As we all know, casinos are not just famous for its cash-rich gambling scene and glamorous atmosphere in its gaming floors making it very popular to people from all walks of life but what makes people visit it with extra excitement is its eye-popping and insanely beautiful amenities, buildings and five-star treatment in its facilities that even regular tourists and visitors will have a great experience without even spending a single penny at its slot machines.


In this article, we rounded up the five insanely beautiful world-class casino facilities that will leave you in awe.

  1. The Wynn Macau- Macau, the Chinese state which is known for being the gambling capital in Asia for having dozens of casinos, five-star hotels and resorts has one distinct casino resort that stands tall above the rest. This is the Wynn Macau which was able to preserve the Las Vegas feel atmosphere in its casino where high rollers from around the world converge to play their favorite casino games.
  2. The Bellagio- in the Sin City of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, it is one of the very few triple-A five-diamond resort casino where the world’s top chefs are working at its five-diamond restaurants. Pro tip: Very few know about the Bellagio’s art gallery, which features rotating exhibitions from the world’s most renowned artists like Warhol and Picasso.
  3. Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa- Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey which is also a popular casino destination in the East Coast of the United States, this is one of the very few casinos there where it has a Las Vegas atmosphere facilities. It boasts a restaurant run by famous chef Wolfgang Puck and many notable chefs and its facility is located along the beautiful beach line Jersey Shore.
  4. The Venetian Macao- Back in Macau, it is considered as the largest casino in the world and is also considered as the sixth largest building in the world in terms of floor space which is themed to be a Renaissance-era environment. It has 3,000 plus slot machines, 24 restaurants and bars and 3,000 rooms in its hotel and has its own canal system which has gondolas.
  5. Casino de Monte-Carlo- in Monaco, France, this casino became popular when several James Bond movies were filmed there. The casino was opened by a Monaco royalty named Princess Caroline in the early 19th century. It flaunts a lavish and intricate architecture which takes you back in the Renaissance era.
  6. Sun City Casino Resort- located in Rustenburg in South Africa, this is one of the very unique casino facilities in the world where you can go to a safari during daytime and roll the dice at night. It boasts a lot of exciting outdoor activities aside from gambling.